Well Hello There
Hi. I'm Paul and welcome to my website. 

I am various things to various people. Those people also give me various names but it's probably best that I do not mention them here!

As I said, I am various things. Including :-

Singer/Songwriter and Musician
Photographer/ Cinematographer
Video Editor
Voice Actor and Narrator
Presenter and Podcaster
Dad (sorry - that's not a service I can offer)

As you can appreciate things are a little busy around here so I have tried to make it easy to navigate this site. I really do appreciate your time. 

Each section will have a brief rundown of the services I offer, please drop me a line for further details and costings. I have also added more in depth sections that you can drill down further into - if that is something that you would be interested in doing (or perhaps if you are really, really bored!)

Anyway, thanks again for coming and I hope you enjoy your stay. 

Paul x