Songwriter's Notebook

Paul's next release is a new EP - Songwriter's Notebook: Volume 1. A collection of six songs written over the last 27 years, recorded in one room, on one mic and in just one take!

Paul says,

"I was talking to a fellow musician about the way that we feel we have manipulate our material when we perform acoustically  - especially on social media - as people will scroll past so quickly they miss out on the subtle nuances and thinking and breathing time of a song. And that is a real shame because the audience misses out on what we can hear and they miss the chance to make their own connections too. 

When I recorded Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed, it was meant to be recorded completely acousticly but we got so carried away with adding to it,  that it became a completely different album. Why do we feel that we need to do that?

I am such a big fan of The Marfa Tapes that I wanted to do something similar so my songs have a chance to speak for themselves. So they do. And here they are in their purest and rawest form… mistakes and all! 

As an artist I'm completely leaning into my vulnerability here with this recording - and I feel really good about it!"

Songwriter's Notebook: Volume 1 will be released on Feb 23rd 2024. 

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